Time travelling

The weekend was all about time.

To start with, I finally joined the 21st century and joined Instagram – I’m already slightly obsessed! Pinterest is clearly next… you have been warned!

Friday was James and my third anniversary, which was marked in the usual way every landmark in our relationship seems to be – with me stuck at work until late.

On our first date, I turned up at 10pm, in my work clothes and eschewed the fancy cocktails he offered for a Diet Coke as I was absolutely shattered.

On our first Valentine’s Day, he made a fancy meal with all my favourite ingredients but it sat in the oven for hours as the job I was on ran late.

At least he knew what was coming! Seriously though, I couldn’t achieve half the crazy things I do without his unfaltering support and banana pancake skills.

Speaking of banana pancake skills, Saturday began rather late as I didn’t stir until almost midday – quite unheard of for me!


We quickly pottered out for ingredients and papers then got stuck into brunch. My plate disappeared in about two seconds but James waited long enough for me to grab a snap!

James headed off to work (he’s been working like a demon recently but we just heard he has had a first author paper accepted, so proud of him!) and I went to town for a shop.

Just as I reached the bottom of the hill in blazing heat, I had a call from Ida, who was my German exchange partner in secondary school, wondering if I was free to meet up.

I last saw Ida when in Germany aged 16 (and wearing face paint in all the pictures I can find from the visit haha!).1909705_8909480916_6424_n

I madly sprinted up the hill, picked her up a stash of Bristol souvenirs (tradition from exchange), grabbed James and the car and we hurtled to the Cotswolds, where she and her boyfriend were staying.


It was so fun to catch up with her, it felt like going back in time as she was just the same as when we first met, aged 13.

We chatted until way too late in the evening before going our separate ways.

James and I were really tired on Sunday but dragged ourselves up and out for a run. It was so unbelievably hot and muggy.

We managed 5k before calling it a day, we both had sore stomachs from eating too late the previous evening and our small shared bottle of water ran out.


So very sweaty but chuffed we pushed through! Only eight weeks until the Bristol Half Marathon so we have some work to do increasing our mileage..

As we headed home, we walked past the suspension bridge and we excited to spot a replica 1963 Tardis.


With a runner posing in it. Clearly I knew what to do!


I introduced myself to the owner, who uses the box for charity events, and he let me in on a secret – former cast members of Dr Who have signed the inside of the door.



It felt very weird to step inside and out again to a crowd of excited people wielding their camera phones.

We spent the rest of the day reading, food prepping, shopping and just generally relaxing, which felt so so good.


I made a huge batch of turkey spaghetti bolognese, which I served with toasted courgette noodles (fancy way of saying I burnt them!).

* Did you go on an exchange when you were at school? Are you still in touch with your partner?

I went on two official exchanges but have kept in closer touch with Kat, who I met on the first exchange and partnered with for the second.

We’ve visited each other numerous times over the years, James and I stayed with her during our trip to Germany in November 2011. 2011.. we need another trip soon!

* Are you a Doctor Who fan?

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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23 Responses to Time travelling

  1. Happy third anniversary, you love birds! I had no idea James was a writer. Very cool & congrats on his first author paper being accepted!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, how lovely! You will be so addicted to Pinterest, you can waste hours on there pinning inspiration.:-)

  3. I am now following you on Instagram:)
    I never went on an exchange, but I did stay with a Spanish family when I was 13, in Barcelona.
    It was a VERY odd experience. It was myself and a friend that stayed at a women’s apartment and she kept on pushing our beds together. She then made us coffee with the toffee I took her as a gift (language barrier) and we are pretty sure she stole my friend’s watch.
    Oh, and she gave use a lot of wine to drink.
    Still, Barcelona was great:)

    Happy Anniversary:)

  4. AnnaTheApple says:

    Haha aww least he knows what you’re like and can’t really get mad. Hope you had a nice time anyway.
    I almost went on a French exchange but then foot and mouth happened and it was cancelled. I was gutted. How lovely that you’ve kept in touch with your exchange friend:)
    Don’t kill me…but I’m not a Doctor Who fan…

    • Aww sorry to hear yours was cancelled, how rubbish. It’s nice to have people to meet and stay with in a different country, luckily both my partners were lovely:)
      Neither am I!!

  5. Catherine says:

    You two are pancake royalty! I love it, such envy. You look so youthful- haven’t changed since thirteen, and in a good way!!!

  6. dgobs says:

    Happy anniversary!:)
    How cool you got to see your exchange partner! I always thought doing an exchange program would be so awesome, but there was never an opportunity. We did have a few exchange students at my school (including an Italian lad that *everyone* had a crush on) but I don’t think anyone from my school ever went on exchanges. Unfortunately!

  7. peachylau says:

    Happy anniversary! I already spent way too much time on Instagram, I am scared of getting on Pinterest

  8. The Tardis is so cool! I never went on any exchanges unfortunately, I did have a few pen pals which unfortunately drifted off, I really wish I kept in touch with them. Congrats to you and James on your anniversary!

  9. leannenalani says:

    Happy anniversary!

    YES, I love Dr. Who! That is so cool that you got to see that Tardis replica. I haven’t seen the older series. My husband did an exchange program in Germany and his friend also stayed here in the states with his family. I was pen pals with my best friend when her family moved to South Koreo for two years, so that was the closest I ever came back when there was no e-mail yet. :p

  10. jac says:

    Love the first date story. It was obviously meant to be!

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