21 DSD – Week Three Recap

It feels so weird to write this recap, the final of my 21-day Sugar Detox. I don’t feel like I’ve reached the end of something momentous, I simply feel so flipping healthy and in such a good place with food.

This week I’ve pushed the boundaries of my fruit and nut butter eating because I’m been absolutely shattered with work, working the weekend really drains me and I need those extra carbs and fat to push on through.

Or maybe I just really, really like making banana pancakes for breakfast every day😉

My cravings have completely changed. Right now, I could kill for some organic carrots and tahini or smoked salmon on a beetroot cracker as a quick pick-me-up. Dates don’t sound appetising and neither does… chocolate. Seriously, I think my brain was replaced one night!



Breakfast: (half a) banana pancakes, almond butter, raspberries (not 21DSD) IMG_5672 Lunch: smoked salmon, grapefruit, carrots, tahini, beetroot dippers IMG_5673 Dinner: sauerkraut, tuna, sweet potato, salad, greens, avocado IMG_5679 Snacks: apple, almond butter, coconut yoghurt

Exercise: run four miles

Feeling: so so full! I felt like I ate all day (erm, I pretty much did) – the perils of working from home and being hormonal.



Breakfast: portable banana pancakes, almond butter

Lunch: peppers, carrots and tahini, nuts

Dinner: chicken and walnut salad with green beans and avocado, olives (out to dinner)

Snacks: apple, almond butter

Exercise: run four miles

Feeling: pretty awesome actually! I had to work until 11pm but pulled through, which was ace! It was great to go out to dinner and be able to eat something on the menu.


(no pic sorry)

Breakfast: portable banana pancakes, almond butter IMG_5690 Lunch: carrots, tahini, smoked salmon, handful of nuts Dinner: sauerkraut, pork bolognese with courgette noodles and tenderstem broccoli IMG_5691 Snacks: apple, almond butter (almost an entire jar – not good)

Exercise: none

Feeling: annoyed. I didn’t prep any food for the day and seem to be back in the habit of eating snacky lunches, which lead me to eat loads in the evening. Very tired.



Breakfast: (half a) banana pancakes, almond butter, raspberries (not 21dsd), grapefruit

Lunch: carrots, tahini, coconut yoghurt

Dinner: sauerkraut, porky bolognese with courgette noodles, green beans and tenderstem broccoli IMG_5699 Snacks: apples, almond butter

Exercise: Walk 5 miles, run half a mile (had to stop as hamstring was super sore)

Feeling: oh I was so, so exhausted in the morning, I could barely do anything when I got out of bed. Still, I felt fine after a large coffee and only had one in the day.



Breakfast: (half a) banana pancakes, almond butter, raspberries (not 21dsd), grapefruit

Lunch: carrots, tahini, nuts

Dinner: sauerkraut, porky bolognese, tendersteam, green beans IMG_5702 Snacks: apples, almond butter

Exercise: 30 minutes pilates (abs), Total Barre Strength, Lower Body Barre

Feeling: tired again in the morning, think its the hot weather and late nights catching up on me. Pleased I finally did some strength work!



Breakfast: grapefruit, (half a) banana pancakes, raspberries (not 21DSD), almond butter IMG_5703   IMG_5704 Lunch: carrot, tahini, smoked salmon, cucumber, lettuce IMG_5705 Dinner: sauerkraut, salmon with olive and caper tapenade, green veggies, sweet potato IMG_5720 Snacks: kombuca, apple, almond butter IMG_5713 Exercise: walking

Feeling: exhausted. Yet another rubbish night of sleep thanks to storms and day six of work never feels good. I feel today has been a bit of a sugary one but it’s been needed to push through 7am-11pm at work



Breakfast: banana pancakes, almond butter, raspberries, kombucha IMG_5721 Lunch: salad bowl with turkey slices and chilli infused olive oil, carrots, tahini, pistachios IMG_5729 Dinner: cod, asparagus, salad, avocado IMG_5731 Snacks: apple, almond butter

Exercise: run 3.2 miles, carrying dog

Feeling: started to feel a little allergic with the dog but then I was carrying him, brushing him and did get bitten by him so a lot for my body to handle. Good despite working 7am-11pm.

End of week recap

Skin: I really couldn’t be happier, it seems to go more glowy and clear by the day.

Energy: I want to say I’m bouncing around but the truth is, I’m exhausted. Working a full week of 12+ hour days then being hit with two 16-hour days at the weekend is not fun. However, I am in better nick than last time, when I felt horrendous. Still, more sleep please!

Bloating: There have been a couple of times where I’m been really impressed by how flat my stomach is – it doesn’t last for a long time haha but it is definitely flatter in general.

New tries: beetroot crackers, white grapefruit (zingy!), cooking green beans (yes, really), turkey slices (they were absolutely disgusting – so dry), bottles of kombucha!

* Are you a kombucha fan?

* How do you get through long working weeks?

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I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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11 Responses to 21 DSD – Week Three Recap

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Wow you look positively glowing in those photos! I’m so pleased it went so well for you. How do you plan on going forward? Maintaining what you’re doing or doing a sort of variation of it? I guess you could slowly reintroduce certain foods back and see the effect it has on you? I was wondering what ‘beetroot dippers’ were when you mentioned them towards the start but I guess they’re the crackers you mention at the end? I love beetroot😀

  2. Your skin looks amazing! Coffee is the only thing that gets me through the working week if I’m honest (and probably sugar if I’m more honest) I’m no the best person to advise lol!

  3. I am really trying to cut back on sugar, so it is good to read how you have been getting on with it.
    This post has really got me craving pancakes now though haha

  4. Looking great, glad it’s working so well for you! I’ve just got into vegan kefir this week, kombucha will be my next try!

  5. Your skin is looking fab! I like kombucha but much prefer kefir which is very similar that I make myself so far cheaper plus I know exactly whats in it as well:-)

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