WIAW: Ski fuel

Hello and a happy WIAW to you! How exciting that we’re half way through the week meaning not too long until the weekend and my best friend’s hen do, which is very exciting.

So today’s WIAW skips back to last week, when I was enjoying the wonderful life of skiing in Flaine, in France. I definitely have a recap post coming, just waiting for the pictures to be sent across. Lesson learned: always take your own!

Wednesday’s eats

I woke up beautifully early, carefully crawled out of the top bunk (I shared with my Mum and found she is the world’s loudest sleeper, seriously!) and went for a fun walk in the snow.


I grabbed a baguette for the others to enjoy as part of breakfast then got the coffee on. By the time it was ready, I was starving!


Breakfast: Nakd cocoa delight, 9 Bar (unpictured)

Having two energy bars for breakfast sounds a little excessive to some but you need that fuel on the mountain! After letting breakfast (and a vat of coffee!) settle in our stomachs, we headed to the slopes.

After two-and-a-half hours of skiing, my stomach was grumbling again. We headed to a lovely restaurant chalet called Le Bissac, a gorgeous slope-side eaterie that faces the mountains.



Lunch: pumpkin soup

I tucked into a huge bowl of filling pumpkin soup, which was absolutely delicious. It was the perfect pre-ski lunch, light but with enough boost to get me around the mountains. After lunch, Mum and I skied for another 90 minutes, before we decided to have a little pick-me-up.



Snack: Hot chocolate

We headed back to Le Bissac for a lovely French waiter to whip up some gorgeous hot chocs! They were perfectly frothy and just divine. It was then time for our final hour of skiing before the end of our holiday.

Our skiing ended with a fab run of blues, all the way down the mountain – it was almost empty too. We then had the fun task of lugging our boots, helmets, skis and poles back to the ski hire shop.

After paying for the hire, we walked around Flaine for some souvenir shopping. We fancied tucking into a little French patisserie to celebrate finishing a holiday injury-free (with only two falls each!) but had to make do with the offerings at the local bakery counter of the supermarket.



Snack: Butterscotch meringue

So that’s a normal white paper bag. And an absolutely “epic” sized meringue. It was delicious but so sugary – even though Mum and I shared it I was almost hallucinating and couldn’t stop shaking. Not good.

Luckily, there was lots of time to walk it off with souvenir shopping, I certainly powered round the aisles! We walked back to the apartment and got tarted up for our final meal out.


2014-03-26 19.47.13

Dinner: Marinated chicken salad with apple, pine nuts and dressing, Diet Coke

It was our third night eating at Brasserie Les Cimes, because that place is pretty unbeatable! I went for their house salad, which came with a lot of dressing but was flipping delicious.

I was so tired by the end of the meal that I left the others to party the night away and walked up the super steep funicular path home. Once safely in the apartment, it was time for pjs, a mint tea, chocolate and a read of the local guide to plan my next trip😉


2014-03-24 20.49.04

Dessert: Ritter Sport, three Suchards truffles (unpictured), mint tea

I had some leftover Ritter Sport and three dark chocolate Suchards truffles to ‘eat up’ before our flight. It was so blissful to sit, read, chomp and slurp in peace – the perfect end to a hectic holiday.

 There you have it – a little snapshot into my daily eats on the mountains. I have to say, it isn’t the most perfect day in terms of veggie intake (or sugar!) but I eat pretty well in my usual life so going a little sugar-mad on the final day of my holiday is not a big deal to me.

* Do you indulge more on holiday

* What’s your favourite foreign chocolate?

I’m a Ritter Sport fan, though Suchards totally have my heart too.

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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20 Responses to WIAW: Ski fuel

  1. Carrefoure ( not sure how you spell it) do some amazing own brand chocolate- we bought some dark chocolate with coconut which was amazing.
    Sounds like a great time- that soup sounds lovely. At least you got some salad in too- I find it much harder to eat normally on holiday because so many meals have meat in them- it is not too bad with a salad if they can do it on its own, but often I end up with tomato pasta or something.
    When we used to go skiing we would have breakfast, and maybe stop for a hot chocolate, but never lunch as the mountain restaurants were so expensive, plus the ski lifts usually shut around 4pm, so we would just finish then, have a little snack, and then dinner later.

  2. Having to lug all your gear sounds annoying. Ha! I actually dont like hot chocolate, unless it’s over ice… making it not so hot LOL. As for when I’m on vacation, I do a pretty good job on eating rather close to what I do when I’m at home. Sure i’ll indulge on some treats, but i do that now as well.

    Have a fantastic day, Clare!

  3. I definitely indulge more when I’m on holiday and get stuck in to all of the local foods and treats. One of the things I love about going on holiday is trying all of the food – it would be rude not to right?

  4. First Amanda and now you posting about your trips to the alps makes me want to go skiing again, too. Not that I was ever the biggest fan but the pictures are bringing back some good memories nonetheless. And after your holiday in France I’m sure you have the next one to Germany lined up already, too, right ;)?!
    I figure I can go with Lindt for my favourite foreign chocolae as it is originally from Switzerland. And there’s one bar not sold around here which is pretty awesome: the Caramel and Sea Salt.

    • We do, we do! Actually James and I are super keen to get back to Germany and fulfil our Ritter Sport cravings to the max. I’ll let you know when we’re coming.
      Caramel and sea salt sounds insane, I definitely need to try that out!

  5. Though I know you said it was so sugary, I still want to eat that meringue!
    Good job on only falling twice – I fell over sooo many times it became a bit of a joke.
    I tend to indulge when I go on holiday but mainly because there are so many new and different foods I want to try! Always fun when you go to a different country:)

  6. emma says:

    Love seeing what people eat on their holidays! I love Cart D’or Bouchee chocolates which you can find in few places in England, but mainly in France, yum!

  7. That chocolate is one of my all time FAVOURITES. Hazelnuts belong in chocolate.❤ And hot chocolate belongs with skiing, so I'm so glad you enjoyed some! Whether I am at home or on vacation I indulge when I feel like it, so sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less.:)

  8. Oh man do I ever indulge more on holiday:) But I’m normally way more active to compensate so I don’t feel guilty about it:)

  9. Sounds like a great day. I’d love to go skiing sometime.

  10. Do I indulge more on holiday? Er heck yes! I would have died for that meringue, yum!

  11. leannenalani says:

    Fun! Totally makes sense to eat two power bars when you’re so active skiing.

    I indulge on holidays pretty often. It all depends on what’s going on! If I’m on vacation, definitely. Same for family things like Christmas.

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