Eats and Feats

Wow, didn’t Sunday come around fast?

I planned to write this post on Friday, as usual, but work was a little hectic. The last three weeks of my life have been filled with talk of nipple tassels, bikinis, sexual titillation, lapdancing and hearing Rod Stewart songs being sang to a jury (“If you want my body..” is forever stuck in my head).

Seriously. If you’re interested, here’s the story.

Other than work, which has been mental, I’ve been down in the dumps. I kind of assumed that cutting the excessive coconut and nut butter from my diet would immediately transform me into a supermodel but apparently there was still some weight gaining to be done instead. Hmph.

I’m now the heaviest I’ve been for three years and I feel so flipping stressed about it. Not because I am that fussed about a bit of extra squidge personally – but because I’m a bridesmaid in three months. My dress has been made and currently, I simply don’t fit in to it.

Yesterday I enquired if a little “extra room” could be made. The answer was that the dresses have been made to “fit like a glove”, the fabric has “already been cut”. So in short, no.

I’m trying to stay calm, tell myself my body will return to its former measurements, that I have enough time, not to panic. I know I have to lose this weight very slowly in order to keep my cycle – sometimes I worry I’m so conscious of that I’m giving myself excuses to remain the same (or worse apparently).

Still, tomorrow is that start of a new week, today is a new day. Time to dust myself off, get out there and focus on something other than this, to stop the stress squeezing my chest from dawn until dusk.

Here’s a few snapshots of last week:


2014-01-28 09.01.45

Apple muffins are officially my breakfast favourites. Can’t get enough!

2014-01-28 13.49.42


A colourful, crunchy and delicious lunch.

2014-01-28 15.13.13

I’ve stopped buying coffee out and started making myself one blooming good one in the morning. So worth it!

2014-01-28 20.26.27

Grilled chicken, avocado and stir fried veggies.

2014-01-29 21.37.26

Leftover grilled chicken and veggies.

2014-01-30 19.04.45

The best meal of the week – salmon, sweet potato fries, avo and salad.

2014-01-30 20.14.39

Raw chocolate tastes so good!



Mon: Cross trainer 65 mins

Tues: Run 7.5 miles

Wed: Off

Thurs: Cross trainer 65 mins

Fri: blogilates: Ultimate hot body WO, Lolo Jones legs ‘n’ lunges, Live while we’re young inner thigh challenge, Victorias Secret model abs.

Sat: Off

Sun: Run 4.2 miles

* Have you ever had a dress made to your measurements? Did it cause you stress?

* What song do you have stuck in your head?

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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17 Responses to Eats and Feats

  1. I know it’s hard, but try to keep your chin up and not get stressed about your weight! You workout and eat so well and healthily, your body is smart and it will sort itself out:) Doesn’t it suck how one item of clothing (your bridesmaid dress, my skinny jeans) can change how we feel about ourselves! Plus you’re a beaut:)
    And the song in my head is an amazing mash up of Timber, R Kelly and Lady Gaga, and Jason Derulo. What a treat! :S

  2. My wedding dress was pretty slim, and I of course stressed the whole time. It fit like a glove; I should have been more worried about the tan lines my triathlon top left on my back for the whole world to see forever! I think once your work and stress lift up a bit, you’ll regulate yourself back to normal.

  3. I think our bodies are far cleverer than we realise, I always find that after a period of my ‘normal’ eating again I go back to my standard shape, but I completely feel your pain as I always want it to happen now!! 3 months is a long time, you will be FINE:)

  4. My wedding dress (I get married in 28 days.) I’m not quite as thin as I would like to be, but when I picked it, I picked on that naturally flatters the shape of my body anyway – empire wait, A-line… I’m still hoping, but I’m telling myself to be at peace with how things turn out. I have never been so excited for anything, and it’ll be wonderful.:)

    • That dress sounds absolutely beautiful, I’m sure you will look stunning in it. I think so much of how we look is how we feel, your excitement and joy about the dress and day will make you radiate happiness!

  5. Try not to stress too much about the dress- you are so healthy and have such an active lifestyle that I am sure you will manage. Or, just buy a cardi to wear over the top? I have had to do that before- I had a dress for a Christmas do and I was not well so was a bit puffy, and had to safety pin it up the back as I could not do it up so just wore a cardi over the top. But you will be fine.

  6. Things will balance out. The body is a weird thing. You eat healthily and exercise so it will naturally happen. Don’t stress!
    Three months is a long time anyway – you will be fine!

  7. I know it’s tough, and completely understand that you’re stressing you about this but I’m sure the dress will fit and be lovely. Three months is plenty of time to make a big difference – I’ve seen a huge one in my shape since January. You can do it – you eat well end exercise regularly, it will just take a little time for the hard work to catch up with you:)

  8. 3 months is a load of time, I’m sure things will balance out over that time. Try not to stress over it as stress raises cortisol levels which can cause weight gain. Maybe a little bit of yoga or meditation to unwind might help.

  9. Try not to stress about it! 3 months is a long time and you can do it (healthfully)! Stress can contribute to weight gain too. Changes to your diet can take longer than you think to notice any physical differences.

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