WIAW: 21 Day Sugar Detox Style 4

Is it weird to be emotional about finishing the 21 Day Sugar Detox? Here’s the thing, the detox officially finished on Monday. And I’m still on it.

I simply don’t feel ready to let go of it just yet. I know that I will, probably in the not too distant future, but I’m in such a good groove with everything at the moment – I feel comfortable here and so here I’m staying.

I’m loving the rhythm and routine of baking snacks and breakfast every three days. The meal planning and innovative uses for leftovers. Saving so much money by prepping all my own meals. Learning new cooking techniques, experimenting with ingredients I’d always ignored (hello cauliflower).

Stay tuned for a big post about my experiences soon but until then – check out my eats from my fourth week on the challenge.

These are my eats from Sunday, which began with some blogilates workouts (legs for cardio, serious standing pilates, bikini blaster muffintop and the broken hearted ab challenge) to warm me up before I went to grab the Sunday papers – it was pouring with rain outside!


2014-01-26 11.13.08

Breakfast: Banana pancakes, almond butter

James cooked me up some perfect banana pancakes. He only used half a banana to two eggs for mine as a whole banana gives me a sugar crash these days. I paired them with a generous scoop (or two!) of almond butter. Yummy!

After breakfast it was time to crack into the chores! After washing, washing up, drying, putting away and sorting for a few hours my stomach was grumbling – it was time for lunch!


2014-01-26 14.12.51

Lunch: Smoked salmon, cucumber, carrot, leaves, ACV

This has to be my favourite lunch of the moment. It tastes so clean and refreshing yet is filling too.

We then headed into town for a long walk and some shopping (check out my jazzy new shoes here). After hours of walking and perusing, we were ready for dinner.


2014-01-26 18.48.06

Dinner: Turkey bolognese, courgette noodles, asparagus

Nom. Times a million. My poor boyfriend is getting a little sick of this meal but I’m completely obsessed! The asparagus was a welcome addition too – I added it in to bulk up a rather measly looking courgette.

After dinner, we relaxed and chilled out watching TV, which was a lovely way to end the weekend. I grabbed a little dessert action too.


2014-01-26 19.42.28

Dessert: apple, almond butter…

2014-01-26 20.29.41

… two almond butter cups

One thing I’ve learned on the 21DSD is that cutting out fresh fruit completely is not good for me. I’m talking bloating, digestion issues and feeling rubbish. Adding a finely sliced small apple at the end of the day has made a huge difference – even if it means I’m technically over the strict fruit allowance of one piece (half a banana + small apple).

I also grabbed two almond butter cups from the freezer. Delicious!

* Do you eat fresh fruit every day? Which is your favourite?

* Have you ever felt emotional about finishing a diet or fitness plan?

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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34 Responses to WIAW: 21 Day Sugar Detox Style 4

  1. I eat a lot of fruit- yesterday I had satsumas at lunch, an apple in the afternoon and some mango after dinner. I could live without bananas though, although I do have them sometimes, especially on holiday.

  2. That’s interesting re. the effect cutting fruit had – maybe it’s the ‘roughage’? (tmi perhaps…) I eat quite a lot of fruit, about 3-4 pieces a day, I could probably cut that down a bit though! I’m looking forward to your long post on the 21DSD – I’m still really interested in trying it out for myself in the next few months.

  3. Your days looks lovely, although there’s no way my BF would be happy if I served that for dinner (he’s somewhat on the skinny side so I have to make up dinners which I can easily bulk out for him). Is that cinnamon on your apples? Going to have to look up the almond butter cups – they look YUM!

  4. Your lunch plate looks so refreshing! I’m loving the colors, and really all it has to offer. I’ve never eaten raw salmon before – unless in a sushi roll. Im just now sure how I’d feel about eating by itself.

    Favorite fruit – apples and clementines. I actually cannot eat bananas raw – has to be mixed in a baked good or smoothie. I think it has to deal w/ eating one every single day for about 2 years straight? lol

  5. I would really struggle not being able to eat lots of fruit. I eat at least three apples a day,a banana, probably a fruit salad thing after lunch…I just love fruit. I know there’s a lot of debate over the sugar content and carby-ness but I haven’t had any issues with it. Apart from eating too many apples…then I get the apple bloat haha.

    • I think the debate about fruit sugars really is a red herring and potentially damaging – people might be encouraged to think something like a burger or packet of crisps is “healthier” for themselves or their children as it is lower in sugar than a smoothie/fruit plate. I don’t see anything wrong with eating a decent amount of fruit. Apples are so tasty!

  6. Natasha says:

    Okay so I eat like a crap ton of fruit a day…i’ll have a lot of berries, a banana, and usually 1-2 apples. I tried cutting back a bit, and stopped eating so many apples, and I FELT AWFUL! I’m talking zero energy and I had headaches and wanted to cry all day long lol. I guess seeing as I typically run every single day, and I walk all around campus to all of my classes, I just think I need those extra sugars. Plus, fruit is so delicious, so why give it up!

    Side note: I’ve also been known to go through entire boxes of strawberries in one sitting. Yep, it happens more than I care to admit!

    • I think the level of fruit a body can take definitely varies from person to person – just like grains or dairy etc. You definitely sound like you’ve worked out what works for you! Fruit is delicious and full of goodies too:)
      I’ve definitely done that with strawberries. And cherries. Yum!

  7. Wow I LOVE fruit so I can’t imagine not having more than a couple of servings!! I try not to over do it, but I usually have berries with my yogurt, and apple in the afternoon, and a few clementines when I’m hungry!

  8. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    That’s so great that you liked it enough to stick to it! I think some people have binge tendencies after a strict eating plan but it goes to show the 21DSD is a good’un! I also love how you’ve customised it to suit yourself, adding the fruit back in – smart (and amazing looking) eats!

  9. ashleymarie says:

    Way to go on that sugar detox! I have actually always wanted to try one just to see if I could do it, but have a bad feeling I would make it about a week. Did the program ask you to cut out all fresh fruit? Because that would be tricky!

  10. You know the plan worked if you want to continue AFTER it is over! Way to go girly!! I eat fruit and veggies every day! If I don’t, I feel crappy all day.

  11. fresh fruit would totally be the hardest thing for me, also something I probably just couldn’t do.

  12. I would struggle with low fruit as well, I think it’s good that you are able to listen to your body like that. When my carb levels go too low my digestion gets really off as well. I need sweet potatoes to help that!

  13. Mary says:

    I don’t eat fresh fruit every day, but I love it as part of a meal and often have a bowl of fruit salad with yoghurt for breakfast. I love satsumas and oranges but they are so much hassle to prepare quickly!
    You lunch looks so nice. I’m all about a plate with lots of variety that I can pick at, and it just looks so fresh as well. :)

  14. I eat tonnes of fruit, I don’t eat refined sugars or much grain based carbohydrates, so fruit really is a huge energy source for me, I’d be lost without at least one banana a day! I have fruit for snacks and an evening fruit salad too.

  15. When I did the 21 DSD I felt like poo as well…I love fruit and sweet potatoes, plantains, etc. I feel better and more satisfied when I have them.

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