MIMM: On Form

I’m currently sat with a hot water bottle tucked down my coat, another on my feet and two cups of herbal tea to keep my hands from freezing up. That’s the glamour of journalism for you!

My camera and I have just arrived home, both sopping wet and rather chilled after a day on the Somerset Levels. Right now, I feel so lucky. I’m sat pretty in my city centre flat with all my amenities while people from one village are sharing one portaloo and one road in and out.

2014-01-27 12.35.16

Any complaints I may have seem embarrassing when confronted with people who have battled to get to work every day, have driven 80 mile round trips to get their kids to school avoiding flooded roads, who haven’t slept more than three hours per night for the last three weeks.

I hope you are warm, dry and not affected by the flooding (or snow up north!). My heart goes out to anyone who has been.

Let’s recap the weekend before I flood you with any more gloom on a Monday (sorry!).


I had the day off on Friday and oh how marvellous it was! From start to finish, I smiled a lot and felt so relaxed. My day started with a lie in, then a big clean, a workout and my attempt at making banana pancakes low sugar.

2014-01-24 11.45.40

They worked out pretty well! I just used half a banana to two eggs – I find I get a sugar crash now after a whole banana. After breakfast, I spent a lovely day with my Mum shopping and laughing.

Apart from when we went out to eat and my tuna nicoise salad arrived. I asked the waitress whether it had cheese on (not mentioned in the menu) and she insisted it didn’t. Turns out the chef was trying out a new dressing – drizzling MILK over the dish! Luckily I pressed the case before I took a bite.

Has anyone heard of this before?!


Another day, another successful attempt at pancakes – hurrah! After breakfast and papers, James and I headed for a quick walk in Clifton as it was such a beautiful day.

2014-01-25 12.50.11

It was super windy – I was battling to keep my eyes open in that pic! After our walk, we paid a visit to James’ nieces, aged four and six to give the four-year-old her birthday presents. We spent a fun afternoon with them – it is so scary how fast they grow up!

James and I did have a real laugh at one moment. The six-year-old passed the four-year-old her toy and she replied “why, thank you” in the most regal tone. It was hilarious!

2014-01-25 18.41.46

Dinner was a good one – my new obsession of turkey bolognese and courgette noodles. Seriously cannot get enough of this! I put a fair bit of chilli in the mix so we both were breathing fire afterwards!


It rained and rained on Sunday so our grand plans for a run were left to one side. Instead, I blasted through some blogilates: legs for cardio, serious standing pilates, bikini blaster muffintop and the broken hearted ab challenge.

Then it was time for papers, pancakes and shopping! My two New Years’ resolutions were to treat myself more and eat less sugar. Well, I’m on the final day of the 21 Day Sugar Detox – it was time to treat myself!

2014-01-26 18.25.36

I have been wearing Toms, Converse and my running shoes as walking gear for ages (my poor runners desperately need replacing) and always moan about achy feet. Well, these North Face bad boys were 40% off and the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re waterproof too, so I won’t have to resort for cumbersome wellies for lovely woodland walks. Love them!

2014-01-26 18.48.06

Dinner was a rehash of leftovers and a courgette, though as it was a little small I added in some steamed asparagus. It totally hit the spot!

2014-01-19 22.10.32

As did cuddles with the little man. Please tell me you love his little quiff too?!

We had an early night ahead of this morning’s 6am wake up call (James had an early work thing), and I really needed it. All those days off made me feel super chilled and sleepy!

* Milk as a salad dressing?

* Do you reserve your trainers just for workouts?

I know I should but they are so comfy I am guilty of wearing them for walking too!

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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24 Responses to MIMM: On Form

  1. Charlotte says:

    I made a turkey bolognese inspired by yours last week and have absolutely loved eating it this week! Such a fresh way to enjoy bolognese:) Thanks for the inspiration! (And I love putting lots of chilli flakes in mine too.)

  2. Umm milk as salad dressing sounds GROSS!!!

  3. Milk as a salad dressing is WEIRD!

  4. Aww the quiff is adorable!
    I wear my trainers whenever I work out as I was told to my physio because of my feet rolling in so much. But I think I need to buy some new ones soon. So expensive, humph!

  5. Ffion says:

    Milky salad? Sounds weird!

  6. I have never heard of milk as a dressing. It sounds horrible & rather strange if you ask me. Was it just straight milk or was it mixed w/ anything?

    Sending prayers to everyone whose been/being affected by the floods❤

  7. Milk as a salad dressing sounds really not good!
    I have walking shoes now so I wear them on holidays as I don’t want to wear out my running trainers doing other things- I hope they will last longer. I just got some new trail shoes for running in mud and tried them out yesterday- I am now hoping that my normal trainers will last even longer.

  8. Milk as a salad dressing!? No thanks! Your pancakes look delicious, I had some sweet potato ones last week that were fab:-)

  9. I only use my trainers for running, I got a new pair of Merrell walking shoes for Christmas so I walk everywhere in them. I might be biased as a Vegan, but milk as a salad dressing sounds both vile, and insane.

  10. Your pancakes look so good! I could eat a batch right now.:-)

  11. Milk as a dressing is just plain odd! I ave separate trainers, but mainly because my running ones are reeeeeeally old (and I don’t run much!). I have squash trainers and cycling shoes too😉 Your new ones look really nice

  12. Hmm milk as salad dressing…never heard of it haha. I don’t think I’d like it though. You just made me want pancakes:)

  13. Pingback: WIAW: 21 Day Sugar Detox Style 4 | Flake And Cake

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