Eats and Feats

You know the saying ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’? Well, hence the day delay in this post.

I wrote a long, depressing post on Thursday when I was feeling tired, chubby, despondent and ready to fold. My finger hovered over the ‘publish’ button but I held back and had a think about what would really make me happier – pushing that button and unleashing my misery on you did not feature on that list.

So instead, I phoned work, told them I was taking Friday off (I was supposed to have a few days off the week before last due to pulling a 12-day week but it never happened). I simply said “I can barely drive myself home tonight, I’m close to burnout, I need to rest”.

I battled through the two hour journey home thinking about what would boost my super low mood. Going to the gym for the first time in two months scored highly so I packed myself off with magazines and enjoyed a blissful time with my phones stashed in my bag, nothing to focus on but reading, relaxing and sweating.

Yesterday, my Mum came for a fun day of sales shopping. We did lots of walking, talking and tea drinking. I now feel so restored and rebalanced. Back to me, back to calm, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and putting things into perspective – something I had completely lost sight of in a haze of deadlines, alarms and aches.

And now I have two more days of the weekend to enjoy! I hope you have a truly wonderful one too.


Lunches have been pretty awesome, I’ve been making lots of chopped veggies, cucumber and peppers to make big colourful salads. They keep me interested and satisfied.

2014-01-20 20.02.44

2014-01-22 13.34.47

Dinners have been fun too – lots of new discoveries and new favourites.

2014-01-19 18.04.50

Turkey bolognese with courgette noodles

2014-01-20 20.27.38

Leftover turkey bolognese with cauliflower mash to make a shepherds pie

2014-01-21 20.36.05

Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries, red onion, avocado and salad

2014-01-22 20.36.14

So good I had it twice:)

2014-01-23 13.23.18

The biggest coffee on Thursday. It was also the worst coffee. In a drive thru Costa off the M4 in Swindon. What joy.

2014-01-23 20.49.44

I made my first ever omelette on Thursday night! It had asparagus tucked inside and tasted delicious

2014-01-23 21.08.09

Happiness on Thursday night when I realised I was under my fruit allowance and could enjoy my favourite snack


Not a bad week of workouts this week! I managed to squeeze in something every day, with a total of three cardio sessions and two strength sessions – I’m pretty proud of that.

I was also so proud to complete blogilates 100 burpee challenge! I did it after the HIIT videos, so I actually did 120 burpees that day. A move I hate but pushed through and felt sooo good (and sweaty) at the end.

2014-01-24 09.23.39

Mon: Run 4.15 miles

Tues: blogilates: lower ab insanity, drive by inner thighs, beginner inner thighs

Wed: blogilates: abs all night challenge, ABC abs, hips butt n thighs super shaper,

Thurs: 65 minutes cross trainer

Fri: blogilates: food baby HIIT, bikini blaster HIIT, heartbeat heaven HIIT, 100 burpee burnout

* How do you rebalance after a burn out?

* What do you like in an omelette? 

I’m thinking of trying red onion, asparagus and maybe bacon next!

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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24 Responses to Eats and Feats

  1. Ffion says:

    I hope you have a well deserved break this weekend- look after yourself!

  2. Hey Claire, glad to see you took your health in your hands and made the right decision to REST! So important, especially at this age where often our careers send us on a one way train track to burn out zone😉 Hehe just took a look at the burpee challenge – might try to tackle it once I start upping my fitness levels again once this ‘busy period’ is over! Take good care of yourself Claire x

  3. emskiruns says:

    Make sure you are keeping an eye on your own health miss, don’t want you burning yourself out. Take care of you!
    Hope you’re feeling a lot better now after some you time:) I’m super jealous of how fab you look post workout!

  4. I am not surprised you felt like you were reaching burnout- you always have such tough working hours.

  5. Resting is SO hard to trust, but such an intuitive thing. Makes no sense, but makes perfect sense. I had a similar experience yesterday, and totally needed the rest, although I lay there freaking out because I wasn’t running. You’re right back on track! Omelettes are delicious, the more veggies the better for me. And cheese.

  6. I’ve been feeling burned out as well recently and I’m planning some time off as well! I think it’s good that you know when you have to fold and take a break for your health and your sanity!

  7. 120 burpees- you are insane!! I hate that burned out feeling, it’s horrible. You definitely did the right thing, you work so hard, and need that time to unwind and relax.

  8. Well done for taking a break, and for knowing when to say ‘you know what, I’ve had enough’. I like rebalancing like you- a combo of exercise and relaxing.

  9. leannenalani says:

    Glad you took some time for yourself to feel better. Exercise is such a great way to improve mood.
    Mostly the only way for me to rebalance after work burn-out is to have time off. I usually wait for the next school vacation, but I get sick so often that there are times when I take a day or two off. Sick days help. It’s like forcing myself to slow down.
    I like my omelets with meat and cheese.:) No veggies for me! Well, maybe some onions would be ok.

  10. So glad you took a rest day – it sounds like you needed it! I like peppers, mushrooms, onion and ham in my omelette:) I pass that Costa twice a day on the way to/from work, and I agree, it serves ‘orrible coffee – hope you had a nicer one somewhere else to make up for it!

  11. Goat’s cheese in an omelette with caramelised onion is probably my favourite. SO good.
    I’m sorry you’ve been so stressed and rushed off your feet. But you absolutely did the right thing. Just taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture that you needed some ‘you’ time clearly worked wonders.

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