MIMM: Coffee, coffee, coffee

Good morning and happy Monday you lovely lot! I hope you had a brilliant weekend with lots of sunshine and smiles – I know I did!

Last week was pretty hectic for a number for reasons, mainly because of this lady:


That’s right – I was at Her Majesty’s service on Friday, covering her visit down to Cornwall. There were lots of Union Jacks, bands, God Save the Queens and fun. The best part? Watching the Queen arrive at a tiny island, St Michael’s Mount, just off Marazion in Cornwall.


Here she comes…


And off she gets.

Honestly, some days I have to pinch myself about this job, it is so unreal sometimes!

One of the funny things that happened on HRH’s visit was that it started to rain heavily as she enjoyed a tour of the castle at St Michael’s Mount. We (the press) had a little walk uphill to meet her and got very wet and cold. After grabbing as many umbrellas as possible we waited for the Queen to come out and guess what – sudden bright sunshine!


Anyway, other than royalty, let’s have a look at what I’ve been up to over the past few days..

‘Royal’ Friday

I’d driven down to St Ives the previous night, as I was covering an engagement at the RNLI with the Queen early in the morning. I woke up relatively early and went for a walk around the town.


Feeling patriotic prior to the royal arrival..


Such a pretty place!


I totally went down on to the beach, even if it was mainly rock! There were also some pretty sights in the town when it came to food:


But I somehow managed to hold off for a hotel breakfast with my colleague. They actually had quite a good selection and I tucked into natural yoghurt, fruit and tried prunes for the first time.


The prunes were ok, it was quite a shock to find they had stones in though! Luckily my breakfast and adrenaline held me over until there was a free moment at St Michael’s Mount, where I had the best flapjack I’ve ever tasted. It was crammed with nuts, seeds and fruits – delicious!


I was in an amazed blur for the rest of the day, which was probably a good thing as I had to drive 200 miles back to Bristol. When I reached home, James had done everything – washing, cleaning and washing up. He’s such a keeper!

He also treated me to some gorgeous salmon, which I had on a bed of fresh salad:


James had also saved me a slice of bakewell tart (my favourite) from Boston Tea Party and I was very excited to eat it!


So good! The cake helped me power through the last few hours of the day, unpacking and sorting, which I fear would have been a real struggle otherwise!


We meant to go to Parkrun but I was in a mega deep sleep and James didn’t want to wake me. Still, when I finally woke up we did go out for a 5k just the two of us. It was hard, we were both feeling it and on the way back something weird happened. I tried to sprint too fast downhill like an idiot to wake up my legs and ended up pulling a muscle in my neck. It was absolutely horrific, the pain went from my neck to my stomach and made me feel sick and dizzy, so I did something I’ve never done in a run before and stopped.

The walk home was painful but I stretched it out and rubbed it and the agony did subside. Just my own stupid fault, it is fine now.

Breakfast was amazing, end of.


I had grilled pork and leek sausages with salad, apples and cucumber. This was actually a pretty brilliant breakfast and totally hit the spot. I usually stick to super sweet for breakfast but I’ll definitely try a meaty dish like this in the future.

We did a little bit of walking around town and had lunch before returning back home. I did some more chores and unpacking before cooking up a frankly delicious dinner.


Oven roasted veggies on a bed of salad (there was lots of salad consumed this weekend!) with grilled salmon. So good.

Dessert had to be the final Chobani left over from Write This Run (I definitely didn’t take more than one home with me…).


I’m so upset I can’t find these anywhere near me, they are so good! I do feel I gave this last one a fitting send off though:)


I may have to order some of these online, that’s how good they are!

There was another treat after dinner as James had bought me my very first cake pop!


This was Victoria Sponge and it tasted very nice. The sprinkles were super cute too.

We settled down for the evening and watched To Rome With Love, the Woody Allen film. It was the usual Woody Allen combination of funny, surreal and touching. I definitely recommend it!


We went out for another run! I was so happy to go out with James again as it is such a treat not to run by myself! This time no injuries but it was hot and sweaty. We managed four-and-a-half miles and realised my dream of running on the other side of the harbourside (there is a gorgeous woody trail run that I’ve never gone to before but always wanted to).


After showering and breakfast, it was time to head into town for more shopping and chores. I was happy to go to the charity bookshop and drop off a few book I’ve read or have been sent and will never read (I often receive books to review for my job).


Yup, Gone Girl is gone. I read that book in two days flat and it was definitely exciting!

Lunch was another fab combination involving salad and apples. And my first ever nut cutlet.


The nut cutlet was a frozen one from Sainsburys and I totally recommend it, it was delicious. James had his in a burger with hot sauce and said it was great like that too!

More shopping after lunch..


This is the place my dreams are made of. It is our local food co-operative and sells the best stuff. And cake. We spent the usual ages in there, with me trying to buy everything and James making me realise we don’t need every single flavour of Nakd bar, Raw Food balls or halva. (You guys know we do really, right?!)

So I call this post ‘coffee, coffee, coffee’ and don’t mention the stuff until now? Well there was lots of coffee consumed over the week and Sunday was no different. James makes the best coffee at home using the machine and I may have asked him to make me multiple cups on Sunday!


I love how it looks like Guinness with the head!

Our day finished relatively early as I was shattered! Up early today and a busy day ahead. Hope you have a fab one!

Big thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM as always.

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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23 Responses to MIMM: Coffee, coffee, coffee

  1. Girl!! You had one heck of a weekend. Can I just tell you how ridiculously jealous I am of your job. Can I come visit you for the week & go wherever you go? I promise, I’ll even pay for everything!!

    I always love seeing photos of your little cakes you eat throughout the week. I just think it’s the cutest thing.

    ..and yes, James is definitely a keeper! Never let him get away❤

    • Yes you can Jessie, I would absolutely love it! Although it isn’t all fun and excitement – lots of early starts and less than glam happenings haha.
      I love cake a bit too much haha – they always almost look too pretty too eat but of course I always tuck in!
      I won’t😉

  2. Sounds like an eventful week! Coffee is always great!

  3. Sounds like a busy but lovely weekend! I love Cornwall, my mums side of the family are from there so I get to visit often, so beautiful! haha James is definitely a keeper, can’t beat returning home to that!! Have a great week!

  4. MrsB says:

    Wow, the Queen AND great food!:) I need to check out those nut cutlets, they sound intriguing even though I never buy frozen food.

  5. Amanda says:

    What a whirlwind of a weekend! That’s so cool you got to see the queen. I probably would have fainted, and I’m American!

    I haven’t seen To Rome With Love yet, which is sad because I love Woody Allen. I’m glad to hear it’s his normal, zany type of movie.:)

  6. whirlwind weekend indeed, hope you get some rest or at least normalcy this weekend

  7. It sounds like you packed an awful lot in to your weekend! Your poor neck- that must have been a bit scary.

  8. Busy weekend with lots of good eats! The salmon on the salad looks amazing!!

    Happy week to you Claire!

  9. Do you always work this close with royalty?😀 What an awesome job you have!

    I’ve been wanting to read Gone Girl for awhile now… Need to put that on my list as well.

    Wait, so you receive books to review for your job too? Do you report on a variety of things then, not just news events?

  10. What exactly is a nut cutlet? You have me super intrigued!

  11. Hannah says:

    I take it Gone Girl is a good read then? I’ve been wanting to get it for ages – it’s on my holiday wish list:) I love that you are also a very quick reader! This post is awesome, filled with so much amazing food..!

    • Thanks Hannah! I am indeed a fast reader, though I’m guilty of skim reading at times! Gone Girl wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read but very compelling in the second half.

      • Hannah says:

        I’m the same, and I then dread when someone asks me what the book is about! I think it’s why I’ve never joined a book club… Good to know it picks up in the second half, so I just need to push through the beginning:)

      • Haha I know EXACTLY what you mean!

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