MIMM: Birthday Style!

Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Today is my birthday so there are lots of marvellous goings on – giving me the perfect excuse to link up with the glowing Katie’s MIMM party as I have done almost every week since it began!

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend and if in the UK, enjoyed the very brief sunshine. I actually felt warm for a few moments, which was a huge treat.

Here’s how I made the most of it:


As I mentioned previously, James’s sister got married on Saturday! His family has spent so long organising it and I have to say it totally paid off. The whole day was touching, sweet and just perfect.

I was a terrible blogger but a good girlfriend – meaning I spent the day rushing round meeting (and re-meeting in some cases) James’s extended family. This resulted in a sore voice from lots of talking and few pictures. There were lots of pictures taken though and I’m hoping to share them at a later date.


James’s mum did all the flowers for the wedding and did such a beautiful job. Their home was full of lots of leftovers, which she put into little arrangements, and these were in the room we stayed in. So pretty!

The only other picture I took (!) was of the dessert – I simply couldn’t resist. My three favourite desserts in mini form on one plate. Can you get anything better?


A mini raspberry pavlova, apple crumble and single profiterole.

It was such a wonderful occasion, made even more special to me by the fact I was quids in! Matt, the groom’s uncle, asked everyone to bet on how long the speeches after dinner would take. James plumped for 12 minutes so I decided to go for 13 – and I won!! Each person had to pay £1 to enter, so I walked away with £40 almost all in pound coins. I’ve been offering to pay for everything to lighten my wallet!

I also managed to sample each flavour of wedding cake – vanilla, chocolate and fruit – more than once. Well, you have to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke slice, right?😉


We were pretty tired when we woke at James’s house on Sunday but had to leave and get back on the road for Bristol to meet my family for lunch. All was going well until we attempted to enter our flat… and the lock broke. We were completely locked out – so frustrating and upsetting.

James was incredible and managed to arrange a locksmith so we could enjoy my birthday treat, lunch at the new River Cottage in Bristol. I was so excited to go (my visit to the original River Cottage is still a very found memory).

My camera was stuck inside our flat but I managed to use my phone to take a snap of my main – herb crusted gurnard with purple sprouting broccoli and green salad.


You can’t really see, but there was two gorgeous pieces of fish under the salad. I loved how fresh and vibrant everything tasted. The dish was ordered by my sister, stepsister and step dad too and we all have very different palates but adored each mouthful. Highly recommended!

The locksmith managed to fit a shiny new lock and we were able to get into my flat for some presents!

You know you’re a runner when…

IMG-20130407-01237You get a pair of capris for spring and winter running. I wore a pair to the gym this morning and they are brilliant!

My sister also gave me a dress for my birthday, which I saw Taylor Swift wearing in a magazine and loved. I’ve never based my look on a celebrity before but I thought it was really cute.

IMG-20130407-01236You can’t really tell what it looks like and want to see me with a slightly manic smile showing it off?! Well luckily for you…

photo(2)If you’re interested, it’s from ASOS and only £22.

My mum made a gorgeous cake with just a few candles (I think 24 was too many to fit!) and a little someone tucked in with gutso.

photo(3)So good he could barely open his eyes for the picture haha.


I know it’s not exactly my weekend but today has been quite eventful too. It started with me trying to go to work this morning..

… and finding that we were locked IN. You can imagine my delight and joy at the situation. It is all fixed now, stupid locks.

My office has a tradition where you bring in treats for your birthday so I did a little shopping to cheer myself up and picked up some delicious offerings.

IMG-20130408-01243The mini gingerbread men are my favourites!

Hope your weekend went brilliantly and you’re having a great Monday:)


About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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23 Responses to MIMM: Birthday Style!

  1. mm that candy looks tasty. I love your dress! You look so cute. Happy happy freaking birthday!

  2. :Love your dress! A very happy birthday to you!

  3. Mary says:

    Big happy birthday!
    I was at a wedding on Saturday too and we had to guess the best man’s speech length as well. 24 minutes it ended up being! I didn’t win with my guess of 27 mins. 😦 Well done on your winnings!
    I love your dress. Very nice…and only £22? Bargain!

  4. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and got some great things. I hope you continue to have a fantastic day:)

  5. bentodays says:

    OOoooh lovely weekend! Happy birthday! Have a great day!

  6. catherine says:

    That dress is a beaut, really suits you:)
    Happy birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    And that dress is so cute. I think I’ve actually seen that picture of Taylor Swift that you are talking about.:) Love the shoes you paired it with too. I’ve always thought that nude pumps were so classy.

    • Thank you so much! I think she was wearing the US version with slightly smaller birds but I’m so glad I copied her style – the dress is so comfy! The shoes have a wedge heel too but are really easy to walk in and don’t hurt my feet.. I’m so hopeless with heels :s

  8. Love the dress!! It is super cute:). Happy birthday!

  9. Girl, that dress is adorable, and looks absolutely stunning on you! Good job to James for coming to the rescue and getting a locksmith quickly =)… next wedding =yours:)

    • Thank you so much Jessie:) James is brilliant, I would have been lost without him.. well, more just locked in! Haha everyone was asking that at the wedding, I think I need years to get all those details perfect though, it was so much work!

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day! Love the dress!

  11. Oh happy birthday! You look fab in that dress, in fact I’ve just popped over to ASOS to have a look!

  12. I love the dress – very cute! Happy birthday, I’m glad you go the lock drama sorted!

  13. Happy Birthday! I love the tradition where you bring treats on your birthday. When I was in China, I learned that there it is the cultural norm to treat all your friends to dinner on your birthday and I thought that was so cool!

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