MIMM: Choc Full of Fun

I made it through the weekend! Hurrah! This might seem a little over enthusiastic but I worked through it and got there in the end.

Sometimes it is rather quiet when I work weekends, meaning I have a little bit of a life but sadly that was not to be this time around. There still was a little bit of fun to be had though.

I’m actually starting my recap on Thursday as I was ill on Friday and took the day off. This very rarely happens but I began feeling awful on Thursday and things had not improved by the morning.

Here’s what happened:


I battled through feeling rubbish and met my Mum for dinner after work. We went to Carluccios, an Italian chain restaurant and pretty much devoured a bread basket and peach juice before my meal arrived.


Gorgeous Tuna Nicoise – minus the anchovies as they freak me out.

It seems I’m a good orderer – Men’s Fitness did an investigation into healthy eating at restaurants and voted the Tuna Nicoise the best main to have at Carluccios! Their guide features Nandos, Pizza Express, Wagamamas and Yo! Sushi and is well worth a look before you head out to eat.


Most of Friday was spent in bed feeling sorry for myself. Lots of sleep, fluids and erm chocolate was needed to get my body back to fighting form.

City of Bristol-20130208-00958Had a little read while I ate breakfast in bed feeling like an ill child with my Toy Story bowl. It makes everything seem better.

These also helped:

City of Bristol-20130208-00961I’ve been wanting to try these for ever so long and couldn’t find them anywhere. But Mum and I spotted them when we were shopping pre-dinner and it would have been rude not to.

City of Bristol-20130208-00960Could you resist? The perfect combo of salty and sweet. YUM!

There was also an offer on strawberry clouds, which I hadn’t tried before and decided to give them a go.

City of Bristol-20130208-00959I know eating chocolate (heaps of it) in bed while ill might not seem like a good way to recover but it worked for me. Well, if I’m going to be ill and gross all day I might as well be decadent!


Back to the grind with tissues and tears. I had a pretty rough job on Saturday morning and totally did not feel up for it but my colleague helped me get through it. We nailed it, if I do say so myself:)

When I reached home I told James I wanted my usual dinner in a bowl.

City of Bristol-20130209-00971

Is it weird that it tasted oh so much better? It was amazing! Then it was time for dessert. I warmed some frozen cherries by pouring boiling water over them and enjoyed them with some pecan caramel ice cream.

City of Bristol-20130209-00974

I like to think my cherry to ice cream ratio was pretty good😉

One thing definitely aided my recovery – cuddles with Flake!

City of Bristol-20130209-00988Such a cutie, his little hands get me every time.

Laughter is a great medicine too and finally watching The Muppets Movie was a great moment!

Muppets_ver4If you haven’t seen it already, you should because it is hilarious, heart warming and feel good.


Oh the joys of eating lunch at my desk. This soup is amazing though – really chunky and tastes clean. I think its the second best thing to homemade.

South Gloucestershire-20130210-00989When I finally returned home I decided to do a little baking just in time for a certain occasion…

City of Bristol-20130210-00997

I was quite pleased with the results – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow so you have time to make them yourself if you fancy it.

City of Bristol-20130210-00999

They were mainly plain but I cooked four baby hearts with dates in. Really tasty! All I can say is these babies are beyond easy and can be dairy free, gluten-free, vegan – they don’t have any eggs in.

Hope you had a great weekend – I’m looking forward to mine starting in five days time😉


About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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27 Responses to MIMM: Choc Full of Fun

  1. Those sea salt truffles look delish!! No, I would not be able to resist. And your heart-shaped cookies are so cute. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh hunnie, it breaks my heart to hear that you’ve been so under the weather. I am very much so looking forward to these cookie recipes though:)

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well, well done for battling through work. you are a trouper! Truffles look amazing, not surprised they made you feel better. Looking forward to your cookie post they are gorgeous!

    • Cheers Steph! There was lots of groaning when the alarm went off on Saturday morning I can tell you. Those truffles were insane. I really wanted to share them but I simply couldn’t. Haha I spent a good hour decorating them, felt very creative:)

  4. lifeandfitnessbyashley says:

    Aw I love heart shaped cookies! They look adorable.

  5. oh gosh sea salt caramel truffles, what could be better? answer nothing. that restaurant looks awesome, i too can’t even stand the look of anchovies. gag

    • Haha I love that answer and it is the right one! Anchovies look so gross and the good news is that James has decided to have a few days without them so I’m spared from seeing them every time I open the fridge!!

  6. OMG those truffles sound amazing! I need to look out for them!

  7. healthy diva says:

    The truffles sound delicious!!!

    How cute the heart dessert is!

    I bet it is good!!

  8. runningcupcake says:

    Those cookies are so pretty:)
    And I LOVE the muppets movie- so funny and such catchy songs!
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  9. I need those truffles in my life!

  10. Love the sound of your cookies, they look so cute! Hope you are feeling better, liking your eating chocolate in bed to feel better ha! Good idea for defrosting the cherries too.

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! Soup is a good place to start:)

  12. Coupling illness with work is no fun! I’m so sorry you had to work through the blahs, and hope you’re feeling better today! I will never ever question chocolate’s ability to heal–it’s a wonder food, after all.😉 The heart-shaped cookies you made are adorable! Looking forward to that recipe! xoxo❤

    • Thanks Sara, I’m feeling much better. My body clearly needed to break up that 12 day week😉. I def see chocolate as a healer – well, if it says so in Harry Potter then it must be true!

  13. Where did you find the truffles? Amazingly perfect! Thanks for the link to that article: I’m heading to Manchester next week, and it will be useful knowing where the best places are to eat!

    • They were at John Lewis. Quite pricey but so worth it! You’re welcome, I want to print it out and put it in my wallet for quick reference, it’s so hard to know what to choose when eating out.

  14. Sarah says:

    Sea salt caramel truffles sound absolutely divine! Might have to find myself some of those when I’m back running (and can burn them off!). The heart-shaped biscuits look absolutely adorable too- what a beautiful gift.

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