Five For Friday

Oh I am just so happy that it is Friday! I’m feeling about a million times better about everything and am now actually excited for Sunday!

Yesterday was horrible. My run was slow and painful, I got stupidly stressed walking to the osteopaths, my work day was ripped up and turned from something I’d looked forward to all week to five hours straight in the car – causing my back to be even more painful. It did cheer up in the evening because I spent time with James, we watched my favourite programme and had a lovely dinner.

I had a terrible run yesterday, I felt sick, tired, weak and stupidly hungry. I managed 5.13 miles at an average speed of 6.4mph, my slowest for weeks. I decided to not let that happen this morning and so ate a lot yesterday evening, hoping it would help improve today’s run…

And it did! The first 30 minutes were so hard. My legs were sore, my back hurt, everything hurt and I wanted to stop and turn home. But I perservered and managed 6.58 miles – my longest run of the week. It felt great. I literally couldn’t stop smiling as I pelted down the road for my sprint finish. It came as such a relief, after this week I was beginning to doubt my fitness and ability to run more than 5 miles, let alone 13!

The sunrise when I reached the top of our steps was pretty lovely:

It is Friday, meaning tomorrow is my first day off for two weeks – hurrah!

Plus it is Pie Day – my plate looked like this:

(ham and parma ham, sweeties, ginger crunch biscuit, half a cinnamon whirl, grapes, strawberries, cucumber)

I have a great and exciting weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow we are meeting James’ parents for lunch then Sunday is the big day and my Mum is travelling down to cheer me on. Then I get to dig into my chocolate stash after four months off!

Five new things this week

1. I bought a new running top! I’ve only ever bought one sports top before, my pink nike top I wore here but it was stolen from my gym changing room and so I’ve just been using old t-shirts. I splashed out and bought a proper running top for the colder weather.

I don’t know if that shows it off to its best – it is this one. I love it!

2. I’ve been meaning to do a sort out of my cosmetics for oh-so-long but keep forgetting. They’re now beautifully organised (by that I mean most of them have been thrown out as they’re mega out of date) and store in my new cosmetics bag:

3, 4 and 5. I love treating my mum and happily managed to get all of this (minus the card!) for absolutely nothing! The L’Occitane shower gel was a coupon, as was the Liz Earle facial cleanser. It meant a drive out of town to the mall but it was worth it because I know how much she loves them! I also picked her up a tester pack of The Sanctuary 30 Day Youth Revolution.

Just a little something to say thank you for Salcombe and also for being so supportive with my running.

Have a wonderful weekend and wish me luck for Sunday!

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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3 Responses to Five For Friday

  1. I’m sorry about your bad runs sweetie, but just know that all runs aren’t perfect. Everyone will have those runs, but use it as motivation to make your next one 10x better:).

    Hope you had the most wonderful & fun weekend w/ James and the family.

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