WIAW: A Spoonful of Sugar

Well hello there and happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a lovely week and feeling ready to push through to the weekend – we’re almost there!

Here are my eats from Monday, which was a busy day thanks to work. I literally didn’t put my laptop or Blackberry down all day, they both kept beeping at me for attention. Still, I managed to get some yummy foods in – here they are!

I meant to get a workout in before breakfast as I was feeling energised but work was constant so I could only squeeze in a 10 minute blogilates workout. Then it was time for coffee and a yummy breakfast.


2014-02-03 09.25.59

Breakfast: 21DSD apple muffins

I worked until lunch time, then realised I had to rush off for a job, so wouldn’t have time for anything before I went. I grabbed a very tasty nakd bar to tide me over.


2014-02-03 10.52.04

Snack: Nakd cocoa crunch

Yummy! This totally held me over until after the two-hour hearing and I was able to get home and get a proper lunch on!


2014-02-03 16.36.25

lunch: two egg omelette with 60g smoked salmon, leaves with ACV…

2014-02-03 16.46.56

.. an apple with cinnamon

Whoa I felt so amazingly full after this lunch, it was completely satisfying. It helped me power on through until the end of the day, when I met James for a walk and a shop.

I wasn’t overly hungry when we got in but James was, so cooking dinner began!


2014-02-03 19.57.09

Dinner: sauerkraut, asparagus, tomato, cucumber, leaves, ACV, avocado, cod

What a deliciously colourful plate of goodies! It was lovely and refreshing too. After dinner, I did a few chores before we settled to watch some tv. I grabbed some dessert to enjoy while we watched.


2014-02-03 20.26.47

Dessert: 40g almond butter, 80g dates, one bar raw superfood chocolate

I couldn’t get enough of my beloved dates and almond butter combo so went back for a second helping, which on hindsight was a little greedy. The chocolate was lovely, review on the way!

So there you have a day of non 21DSD eats. I felt rather gross and tired the next morning, from a lack of sleep (I was buzzing until about 1am) and too much sugar. I know it doesn’t look like an obscene amount but adding up nakd bar, apple, dates and muffins it comes to way more than my body is used to!

Still, I finished the day feeling completely satisfied and nourished. You can’t have everything I guess!

* Any omelette tips?

Mine didn’t go brilliantly well as you can see!

* What do you dress your salads with?

ACV is my sprinkling of choice, love the tang!

About Flake And Cake

I'm a reporter based in Bristol who loves to wear stripes, write in shorthand and attempt to make great strides in running.
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19 Responses to WIAW: A Spoonful of Sugar

  1. Christina says:

    I like a mixture of apple cider vinegar, mustard, honey, and a splash of olive oil. Definitely some tang there!

  2. I love balsamic on salads :)
    You are always so busy Claire I have no idea how you manage!

  3. I am so excited for this chocolate review. The stick figure on the wrapper is adorable :) My tip for omelets, always ALWAYS add a tbsp. of flaxseed to the mix. Really helps bind it all together. Also, keep your stovetop on medium low and let it cook semi slow.

  4. Your dinner looks LOVELY! I luuuurve sauerkraut!
    Omelettes – I was going to try to describe how I make mine, but Delia does it so much better: http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/cuisine/european/french/omelette.html
    Salad dressings – I love balsamic, ACV or lemon juice with a smidge of olive oil

  5. I like salad either plain, or drizzled with some lemon/lime juice, I’m not a dressing fan.I haven’t tried that brand of raw choc yet- it looks nice.

  6. Mmm smoked salmon and egg are a great choice!
    I never bother with actual omelettes as I’m impatient like that. I just throw eggs in a saucepan with a whole host of different veggies and then just scramble it all together. I’ll probably add cream cheese to make it creamy, or tuna, or salmon…something to add a bit of protein.
    For salads I just like lots of beetroot and then I get the beetroot juice – does that sound weird? I just love beetroot. I’ve never tried ACV. In fact I’m not entirely sure what that is?

    • They taste so good together! I absolutely adore beetroot so the idea of beetroot juice drizzled over salads sounds incredible to me!
      ACV is just shorthand for apple cider vinegar, which is delicious but quite an acquired taste!

  7. I bet your body just needs to adjust to the change, I mean I know my body was like WHOA after I did the whole 30 but it soon evened out when I found out what really worked

  8. Hi there! I was popping over from Jenn’s WIAW linkup. I love the idea of adding ACV to my salad greens. Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for sharing! Oh and my omelet tip is to lower the heat and use the best pan you can afford.

  9. I’m a fan of balsamic on salads. I have a rather odd way of cooking omelette but mainly because I don’t like the whole undercooked egg thing that you sometimes get going on. I cook all the fillings (I usually have quite a lot of veg in mine), whisk the egg and add to the pan and turn down on low. Cook for 5-10 mins and then put the whole pan under a hot grill to cook the top – et voila, cooked all the way through and fluffier than ‘normal’ omelettes. Hopefully I haven’t offended any omelette connoisseurs by detailing my method!!

  10. Lol I’m so bad with omelettes. They usually start out as omelettes and I end up making scrambled eggs.

  11. I love that raw chocolate, definitely one of my fave brands! I find that having a really hot pan helps with omelettes :-)

  12. We usually stick with balmasmic for salad…but ACV does sound tasty! I started making omelets a few years ago, but now I’ve completely forgotten how to do it…

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